Sushi·Kaiseki Course·Multiple Course Meal Arai-Sushi headquarter

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Opening Hours | 11:30-14:00(L.O) / 17:00-22:00(L.O)

  • お品書き
  • ご宴会について
  • 出前・お土産
  • おせちご予約
  • ご宴会について
  • 出前・お土産

Omotenashi by Arai-Sushi
for every purpose and scene.

Authentic Edo-style sushi will be served at the counter with
the quality and arts of chefs.
Creative Sushi Kaiseki in a cozy private room will be enjoyed as you want. Casual Sushi lunch at the counter and lounge.

Please feel free to ask anything about year-end party, new year party, welcome/farewell party, business meeting, and client dinner.
We are waiting for you to visit us sincerely.


3 minutes walk from JR“Tachikawa station”(立川) North Exit.(北口)
2 minutes walk from Tama Toshi Monorail Line “Tachikawa North”(立川北)


Our professionalism
and sincere hospitality.

“Sushi”is an art. While it is very simple dish that a slice of raw fish is on the vinegar rice, the art will be completed with eyes, techniques and souls of skilled chefs.
The beautiful sushi is a piece of art, which is something cool about Japanese cuisine.
We would like to pay our respect for every meal and every customers day after day and to serve the best quality of sushi.

寿司・懐石料理・ご宴会 あら井鮨総本店